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Welcome to this week's Symfony Station communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. Because open-source equals open societies, peeps. That necessitates a mission of destroying big tech. We also cover the cybersecurity world and the Fediverse (more open-source and democracy).

There is good content in all of our categories, so please take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you. This is why we publish on Thursday. So you can savor it over your weekend. 😉

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Once again, thanks go out to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold. And will often involve cursing. Because humans.

Featured Item

The PHP Foundation (who we sponsor) is:

Joining Forces for Open Source Cybersecurity Standards

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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.
Highlight -> "This week, the upcoming Symfony 7.1 version added features such as a method to return all tokens after the command name, support for new DOM extension classes in VarDumper, some design updates in the workflow profiler panel, and a way to apply attribute configurator to child classes in dependency injection."

A Week of Symfony #900 (25-31 March 2024)

SymfonyCasts continues its free Symfony 7 course:
This week on SymfonyCasts!

This week

Mohamed Besbes has:
Embrace Docker: The Ultimate Guide to Building Symfony Projects with NGINX and PostgreSQL

Kévin Dunglas explores:
Front-end application development, Symfony-style(s)

Great, great stuff.

Serghie Porgor asks:
What Are the Best 3 PHP Traits for Symfony?

Fernando Castillo examines:
Symfony Form: use the Type Class as DTO


Guillermo Leyendeker compares:
Laravel 11 vs Symfony 7 dependency injection


TYPO3 has:
Simplify the TYPO3 Translation Workflow: TransFusion's Q2/2024 Roadmap
Consolidating Into

Wolfgang Wagner's TYPO3 newsletter is out:
Betreff: TYPO3 Newsletter 03/2024

Joomla announces:
Joomla 5.1.0 Release Candidate

Drupal has:
Unveiling the Power of Drupal: Your Ultimate Choice for Web Development

DrupalCon Portland 2024: The Nonprofit Summit Agenda is here!

Salsa Digital examines:
Mastering Drupal migration: Guide to seamless website upgrades

Pixelite looks at:
Drupal and the Open Web in the Australian Government - 2024 edition

The Drop Times has:
For Drupal to Remain Well and Alive: An Exclusive Conversation with Tim Doyle

Drupal Page Builders—Part 3: Other Alternative Solutions

Gutenberg is an editor, not a page builder. And it's what you should use. DXPR is a distant second.

Acquia explores the:
Local environment for Acquia Site Factory

Dries Buytaert comments on an important Drupal project:
Sydney Opera House using Drupal

Previous Next examines:
Nice Things™️ for Front end devs with Storybook, Vite, Twig and Drupal

Specbee shows us:
How to Write Your First Test Case Using PHPUnit & Kernel in Drupal

Matt Glaman looks at:
Ensuring smart_date works for all versions of Drupal 10 and 11

DDEV has a newsletter with its latest upgrades:
Happy April from DDEV!

It includes a new “Drupal” project type covering modern versions including Drupal 11.

Was DDEV Affected by the xz Backdoor?

There's more on xz below.

Tag1 Consulting says:
Drupal Core Test Suite Improved Runtime By 10% With Gander

Pedro Cambra needs your help:
Survey on Bookmarking Tool Needs Your Input

Chris Hill shows us:
Drupal: How to Configure Smart Editorial Control of Migrated Content

ImageX has:
Boosting Drupal Website Management Workflows: New Administrative Toolbar Is Coming!

Previous Weeks

Patric shows us:
How to write Unit Tests in Symfony
PHP logo


This week

Opadaalziede explores:
Building Simple PHP DI Container

php[architect] has a new edition:
World Community, March 2024

Highlights include Symfony UX Part 3.

Nikolay Nikolov goes:
From Chaos to Control: How the Command Design Pattern Reshapes Code

Previous Weeks

Goran Popović
A deeper dive into optimal PHP-FPM settings

More Programming

Code logo
Rob Mensching examines:
A Microcosm of the interactions in Open Source projects

Microsoft shows us:
How to Install GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio

But why would you want to use either?

Bytebase shares:
Features I wish PostgreSQL had as a developer

Elly Loel looks at:
Front-end development’s identity crisis

UX Design explores:
Why UI designers should understand Flexbox and CSS Grid

Fighting for Democracy

Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

404 Media reports on a new book:
The FBI's Secret Tech Startup

This sounds intriguing.

EuroNews reports:
The EU's Digital Product Passports: What are they? And how do they impact you?

The Verge reports:
Microsoft splits Teams from Office as antitrust pressure ramps up

ArsTechnica reports:
Google agrees to delete Incognito data despite prior claim that’s “impossible”

Bleeping Computer reports:
Google now blocks spoofed emails for better phishing protection

404 Media reports:
Google Bans Face Swap App for Inviting Users to Make Deepfake Porn

Google has been forced, coerced, and shamed into doing some good this week.

The Register has:
Google bakes new cookie strategy that will leave crooks with a bad taste

And does one voluntary thing.

The Register reports:
Feds finally decide to do something about years-old SS7 spy holes in phone networks

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

CNN reports:
Kate conspiracies peddled by Russian disinformation group, experts say

The Kyiv Post reports:
Kremlin-Financed Political Influence Network in Europe Scandal Widens, 24 Officials Named

The Guardian reports:
Conspiracy, monetisation and weirdness: this is why (Corporate) social media has become ungovernable

404 Media reports on:
The AI Peer-Review Crisis

Variety reports:
Jon Stewart Says Apple ‘Wouldn’t Let Us Do’ an Anti-AI Segment and ‘Asked Us Not’ to Have Federal Trade Commission Chair as a Guest: ‘What Is That Sensitivity?’

Home with the Armadillo looks at Substack's growing enshitification:
Substack Is Setting Writers Up For A Twitter-Style Implosion

Citizen Lab shares:
Citizen Lab submission to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China about the State of Human Rights in China

U.S. Corporations are involved with the c^ntitry as well.

The Verse reports:
Microsoft could have prevented Chinese cloud email hack, US cyber report says


Decipher opines:
CSRB: Microsoft Should Refocus on Security After Cloud Intrusion

SpaceNews says:
AI is at the crossroads of cybersecurity, space and national security in the digital age

Search Engine Journal reports:
Data Confirms A Surge In WordPress Vulnerabilities

Bleeping Computer reports:
DinodasRAT malware targets Linux servers in espionage campaign

The Register reports:
AI hallucinates software packages and devs download them – even if potentially poisoned with malware

DarkReading reports:
HHS Plans for Cyber 'One-Stop Shop' After United Healthcare Attack

The Guardian reports:
TechScape: How one man stopped a potentially massive cyber-attack – by accident

This has to do with the Linux xz situation.

Tim Bray recommends:

As does this, but concentrating on open-source in general.
Fediverse logo

The Fediverse

The Fediverse Report has:
Last Week in Fediverse – ep 62

Darnell Day says:
Flipboard May Surpass Threads & Become Largest Instance In The Fediverse

Speaking of Flipboard:
Thanks to @Flipboard for featuring our magazine, The Fediverse vs. Corporate Social Media, in a collection and sharing it in their latest email. Check it out here.
If you are on Flipboard, join its 23,746 followers or follow any of our other magazines at , including Symfony for the Devil.
If you're not, they will be available as Fediverse accounts later this year.

The Verge reports:
How to cross-post your Threads posts to the Fediverse

If you are unfortunate enough to be on Threads.

MIT Technology Review shares why:
Why Threads is suddenly popular in Taiwan

The Verge reports:
President Biden is now posting into the Fediverse

I love Uncle Joe, but he's still blocked if he's on Threads.

We Distribute asks:
Could the US Government Self-Host a Fediverse Server?

Forgejo announces:
Forgejo monthly update - March 2024

John Spurlock shares:
What's happening with Standards-based cross-app podcasting in the Fediverse

Mobilizon announces:
Mobilizon flies out of Framasoft's nest

An interview with Micro.bog's Manton Reece for 2024

The Tankies at Lemmy have:
Lemmy Development Update 2024-03-29

ShellSharks looks at how to:
Respond to a Lemmy thread/comment with your Mastodon handle

FediTest shares:
Feedback from early show-and-tells

Ben Werdmuller announces:
Share Openly

Great stuff.

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