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Welcome to this week's Payload. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. Because open-source equals open societies, peeps. We also cover the cybersecurity world and the Fediverse (more open-source).

There is good content in all of our categories, so please take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you. This is why we publish on Thursday. So you can savor it over your weekend. 😉

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Once again, thanks go out to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold. And will often involve cursing. Because humans.

Featured Item

Nothing stands out for me this week. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Symfony Logo


As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> "This week, development activity focused on the upcoming Symfony 7.1 version. We optimized the generation of some UUIDs, improved the autocompletion feature in the console and made AutowirePass re-entrant in preparation for further improvements."

A Week of Symfony #895 (19-25 February 2024)

They also have:
SymfonyLive Berlin 2024

Their monthly newsletter

SensioLabs announces:
Symfony 7 Courses Are Now Available!

This is a great value but not free.

SymfonyCasts has:
This week on SymfonyCasts!

The free Symfony 7 course has started, so take a look.

Live Components + Turbo Streams: Navigating a Turbo Frame

Live Stream #11: Turbo Morph Updates & Autocomplete morphing work

This week

Twilio shows us:
How To Implement OTP Authentication in Symfony With WhatsApp

Filip Horvat explores:
Symfony — Detect All Changes On Doctrine Entities

Symfony — Functional Tests for Standalone Bundles

Nikolay Nikolov examines:
Enhancing Code Decoupling in Symfony with Immutable Data Transfer Objects (DTOs)

Oliver Davies looks at:
Building a design system in a few hours with Symfony

AndersonPEM explores:
Symfony: The way of the bundle

Hantsy Bai shows us how to:
Upgrade to Symfony v7


BitExpert asks and answers:
What are Sylius Template Events?


Ash Allen looks at:
Identifying Performance Issues in Laravel with Inspector

Kevin Dunglas explores:
Running Laravel Apps With FrankenPHP


TYPO3 has:
Being TYPO3 at CMS Kickoff 2024

T3rriffic shares:
TYPO3 and Amazon CloudFront

Drupal has:
Their latest newsletter

The Drupal Association still stands with Ukraine

As anyone who isn't a c^nt should.

Golems shows us some:
Ways to Optimize Carousel Sliders in Drupal for Faster Page Loading

Great stuff.

Agile Drop interviews:
Henk Beld of A focus on marketing & integrations for the next generation of Drupal

Tag1 examines:
Enhancing Drupal's Layout Builder: Introducing Layout Builder Plus

I'm building a Layout Builder-focused site now and will definitely check this out.

The Drop Times has:
Which CMS? Global City Website Trends Examined

Enhancing Digital Accessibility: The Accessible Tableau Integration Module

Specbee shows us:
How to integrate SSO with Drupal using SAML

And Horizontal Digital shows us:
How to Migrate from Video Embed WYSIWYG to Drupal Core Media

CKEditor looks at:
Drupal and CKEditor: a history of advanced content editing

Lullabot explores:
Navigation Blocks and Local Tasks for Drupal's Admin UI

This looks fantastic.

ComputerMinds examines:
Aegir 3 and Drupal 10: just about working

Four Kitchens looks at:
Configuration splits and upgrade maintenance

Previous Weeks

TYPO3 has:
Report From The Content Types Team

T3Planet shares:
What's New in TYPO3 v13.0? (Feature Release Series #1)

PHP logo


This week

The PHP Foundation shares:
The PHP Foundation: Impact and Transparency Report 2023

The Next Web asks:
Why PHP continues to be a popular but divisive programming language

PHP is not divisive. There are people who use it because it works and ignorant fucks. 😉

Nemanja Milenkovic explores:
Rethinking Database Migrations: The Diminishing Role of the down() Method in PHP Frameworks

Dragan Rapić asks:
What is PHP Metaprogramming?

Antonio Silva examines:
PHP 8 News: Attributes

Michał Kurcewicz looks at:
Value Objects in PHP

Alex asks:
Strict Types: Should You Use Them?

PhpStorm shows us:
How to Generate PHP Tests With JetBrains AI Assistant

And João Vitor Lima shows us:
Como configurar o VSCode para programar em PHP no Windows

Dariusz Gafka explores:
Integrating PHP Applications with Ecotone and RabbitMQ

Kuluoluo examines:
The Benefits of Migrating Your Local Development to ServBay (MacOs Users)

Sean Kegel shows us how to:
Fix Flaky Tests with Pest Repeat

Nikolay Nikolov looks at:
Mastering Traits in PHP: Reusability and Separation of Concerns

Jochelle Mendonca explores:
The Lazy Loop: How Generators Saved My PHP Applications

More Programming

Code logo
Smashing Mag shares:
A Web Designer’s Accessibility Advocacy Toolkit

Free Code Camp looks at:
Advanced CSS Selectors – How and When to Use Them

InfoQ explores:
The Creators of the Atom Code Editor Open-Source Zed, Their New Rust-Based High-Performance Editor

Fighting for Democracy

Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

Bleeping Computer reports:
FTC sues H&R Block over deceptive 'free' online filing ads

Registrars can now block all domains that resemble brand names

New executive order bans mass sale of personal data to China, Russia

The Register reports:
Sandvine put on America's export no-fly list after Egypt used network tech for spying

Rights groups file GDPR suits on Meta's pay-or-consent model

The Verge reports:

The US is investigating Chinese vehicles amid security concerns

Apple’s decision to drop iPhone web apps comes under scrutiny in the EU

9 to 5 Mac has more:
Apple blocking web apps in Europe looks set to lead to antitrust investigation

The Hacker News reports:
Microsoft Expands Free Logging Capabilities for all U.S. Federal Agencies

Euronews reports:
EU Policy. Meta second to set up EU online election centre to fight disinformation

'Furious': Critics question Microsoft's deal with Mistral AI, as EU set to look into it

The Next Web reports:
EU antitrust case against Microsoft-Mistral deal amounts to ‘decisive influence’

The Guardian reports:
Google sued for $2.3bn by European media groups over digital ad losses

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Bleeping Computer reports:
New IDAT loader version uses steganography to push Remcos RAT

Lazarus hackers exploited Windows zero-day to gain Kernel privileges

The Hacker News reports:
Iran-Linked UNC1549 Hackers Target Middle East Aerospace & Defense Sectors

Phylum reports:
Fake Developer Jobs Laced With Malware

The Guardian reports:
‘Disinformation on steroids’: is the US prepared for AI’s influence on the election?

Cory Doctorow examines:
Hypothetical AI election disinformation risks vs real AI harms

The Verge reports:
A lot of Redditors hate the Reddit IPO

Who in the hell enjoys enshittification.

Mashable reports:
Tumblr CEO's public 'meltdown' is mocked, memed by users

Matt needs to stay on his sabbatical and shut the fuck up.

Tumblr's staff has their say:
A message from a few of the trans staff at Tumblr & Automattic

404 Media reports on Etsy douchebaggery:
Bound Up in Fanfic Controversy

And Amazon's:
AI-Generated Kara Swisher Biographies Flood Amazon

And Automattic continuing their enshittification:
Tumblr and WordPress to Sell Users’ Data to Train AI Tools

Here is Automattic's spin:
More Control Over the Content You Share

Again mofos, opt-out is invasive and opt-in is privacy-oriented.
At least they provided a tutorial for opting out. Also note that this is the company Automattic and its and Tumblr products. It is not the open-source software and its contributors.

The Markup reports on automated biased censorship from the c^nts at Instagram:
Demoted, Deleted, and Denied: There’s More Than Just Shadowbanning on Instagram

How We Investigated Shadowbanning on Instagram

What To Do If You Think You’ve Been Shadowbanned on Instagram

The Jewish Chronicle asks:
Why is Holocaust denial rampant on Gen Z’s favourite news source?

Tik Tok.

Thomas Steiner answers:
So, what exactly did Apple break in the EU?

Lawfare Media reports:
Why Is the Government Fleeing Key Tech Partnerships Before 2024?


Dark Reading reports:
NIST Releases Cybersecurity Framework 2.0

The Next Gen of Cybersecurity Could Be Hiding in Big Tech

This is a sterling idea.

Bleeping Computer reports:
Savvy Seahorse gang uses DNS CNAME records to power investor scams
Fediverse logo

The Fediverse

The Fediverse Report has:
Last Week in Fediverse – ep 57

We Distribute reports:
Newsmast Brings Huge New Features in 3.0 Update

Akkoma announces:
Akkoma stable 2024.02 - Background followbacks

Funkwhale announces:
The path to Funkwhale 2.0: a new app

TechCrunch reports:
Threads widens the gap with X, with triple the daily downloads on iOS

It's FOSS compares:
Bluesky vs. Mastodon: Which Twitter Alternative Should You Choose?

Other federated social media

Steve Klabnik asks and answers:
How Does BlueSky Work?

Manton Reece shares:
Bluesky opening up federation

TechCrunch reports:
Bluesky snags former Twitter/X Trust & Safety exec cut by Musk

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